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Nearly 25 % of indians live in Urban Areas (Cities & Towns); who are generating approx. 200 to 600 gms. of garbage per day which in totality is in excess of approx. 390 Lakh MT per Day. In India, collection, segregation, storage; transportation and disposal of solid waste are unscientific and chaotic. In the absence of waste segregation practices, recycling has remained to be informal sector working on outdated technology, but nevertheless thriving owing to waste material availability and market demand of cheaper recycled products. Burning of waste leads to loss in huge revenues to the government in addition to air pollution in terms of increased TSP and PM10 emissions, which is equivalent to vehicular emissions at times. We, at SINTEX have worked out a mode by which municipal waste can be managed in an effective, effcient and economical way. Some of the steps that form a part of the system are : 1. SEGREGATION OF WASTE AT SOURCE 2. DISPOSAL OF DRY WASTE 3. DISPOSAL OF WET WASTE SINTEX has worked out and developed necessary tools that from a part of. the waste management system namely suitable bins for collection at different levels, tricycles, tilting device, compactors, etc. SINTEX is also working on the development of bio-gas plants that can utiliaze the wet waste for conversion into biogas and compost. The whole system thus becomes self-sustainable. SINTEX is willing to help any interested party to give details of these models, which can serve the population-from small to large. • A multi-disciplinary approach for Integrated Solid Waste Management • Involves source segregation, designing collection systems, Recycling and reuse • 100% rust free & elegant Bins & Containers, Push carts, Tricycles, Tippers, Compactors, Tilting devices etc. • Appropriate design & placement of community bins • Optimal routing of collection vehicles • Ideal for Municipal Corporations/Councils, Nagar Pallikas, State Urban Development Authorities

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